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Phone Sessions

Phone sessions are an easy way for clients who live in another state or are traveling to receive support and healing. I have many out of state or area clients who find that phone sessions work just as well as in person treatments in most circumstances. My intuitive and empathic abilities are well honed and many clients can feel the relief as I work on them from afar. Another way to use phone sessions is during emotional times and transitions. Phone session can serve as a scaffolding and support system in times of distress. Many of us know the feeling of calling a good friend or family member in hopes of finding some solace in times of need only to get off the phone feeling worse than before. Our well meaning loved ones are often too close to the situation to listen without opinions or advice and at times can even follow or lead us into a downward spiral. Often a listening ear or help finding another perspective within ourselves is all we need to navigate even the toughest of circumstances.

Special - Buy 3 Sessions for $300, $30 Savings!

Single Session $110, Phone Sessions: $30 (20 minute session)