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Injury Recovery & Pain Relief

As athletes and participants in physical fitness, we are sometimes susceptible to injury. These injuries are often soft tissue injuries that come and go for a period and then settle in and become a patterned stress injury. It won’t seem to go away no matter how much time we take off from our workouts, how light we go on our weights, how many massages we get, or which sports creams we apply. Craniosacral can be especially helpful in dealing with these injuries because they start out as an energy pattern in the body. The reason that you feel the pulsing pain in your trapezoid or shoulder is because the energetic pattern is pulsating. When the injury has progressed it will begin to have a material form and become “diagnosable”, a torn rotator cuff for example. Whether your injury is at a beginning stage or if you are contemplating surgery, utilizing craniosacral techniques, we can access the energetic pattern and help the body unblock the avenues of primary respiration and the innervation of CS Fluid back into those areas. Our bodies are amazing healing machines and with a little reminder, the cells of our body readily take on their repair functions.



Nerve related pains such as Sciatica, Trigeminal Neuralgia and other nerve injuries can be some of the most debilitating conditions. Nerve pain is especially stressful because the sufferer does not know when the pain is going to strike and thus lives with fear and a desperation to not trigger it, while at the same time being unable to identify what the triggers are. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) will relax and release the energetic patterns in the surrounding tissues so that the nerve is no longer being pinched or squeezed. CST will also assist the client in identifying the stressors that are causing these symptoms in the first place.


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