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Babies & Mothers

The physical act of birth can sometimes be hard on both mother and child. Even in the most routine of childbirths, as the child passes through the birth canal the skull and other bone structures are compressed. Usually this compression is resolved naturally through the suckling reflexes but sometimes the babies skull, bone structures and nervous system end up stuck. This pattern can take on a variety of symptoms ranging from physical abnormalities of the skull to babies who seem to be on high alert, colicky, or have a dulled or glazed over look. Gentle Craniosacral techniques can usually resolve these and other common symptoms like difficulty latching on, torticollis, and nerve compression. Cranio can also help infants to quickly process and eliminate the pain relievers and other drugs that were used during labor. Cranio is a beautiful and gentle way to assist your baby in its natural state of well being.


Childbirth is an amazing opportunity! At no other time do you get to spend months thinking about, communing with and getting used to the idea of a long term relationship with a being that you have not yet met face to face. This period is ripe with transformative energy for both parents. As any parent can tell you, despite our best intentions, there is nothing that can bring on all the things you swore you would never do or say to your own child than the responsibility of parenting. The impetus to be the best parent we can be for our child is the same driving force we can use to spend these gestational months preparing ourselves for this new life that is about to enter our lives. The gentle, deep work of Craniosacral Therapy helps clients process the sometimes less than ideal or unsupportive parenting that we experienced, those life experiences that left behind wounds, trauma, beliefs, and patterns that we would rather not pass on to our child. This gentle process allows us to release this energy, which has been stored so long in our bodies, without having to re-experience the event or circumstance. There is no greater gift a parent can give their child than taking the time to re-parent oneself. Beginning this process even before the birth of our child can soften and perhaps mitigate some painful parenting moments.

Each stage of the journey called motherhood contains its own gifts and challenges. Supporting mothers throughout this journey is a cherished part of my practice, as it was my craniosacral therapist and chiropractor who gently guided me through my own journey into motherhood and have kept my daughter and I in excellent health and well being. During pregnancy the body goes through some major changes. Organs become displaced, hormones change, hips and pelvis widen and transform and ligaments stretch. And this is just the physical realm! Craniosacral will help your body, mind and spirit to relax into the miraculous transformation that is occuring. Labor and childbirth can range from physically strenuous to downright traumatic. The emotional work of cranio can often circumvent the issues that can make labor slow and exceedingly painful or can stop the birth process altogether and present the need for medical intervention. Last but certainly not least in importance is helping your body and sense of self make the transformation into having a baby on the outside now. Cranio can help return your organs to their proper positioning, heal any physical trauma and support you in your new role. Whether you are a first time mother or not, cranio can be a safe haven for maintaining emotional and physical health

As parents we instictively know when something seems off with our children. The cause can be anything from falls, bumps and bruises to events such as starting school, co-parenting transitions, a new baby in the house, or a scuffle with a friend or sibling. Regardless of the cause, a child only needs to be heard and loved in order to release emotional residue from their bodies. When this emotional release is stifled, pain patterns called lesions can develop in the body. These patterns are easily resolved through craniosacral work. In some cases and at certain ages, I may prefer to do the cranio session with the mother rather than the child as the child is not yet autonomous from the mother and the work can be taken in on a deeper and more profound level in this way.

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