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What to expect

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Over the past 6 years, giving and receiving CranioSacral Therapy has transformed my life and the life of my family into one of love, peace and mutual support. I approach my Cranio practice with the knowledge that we are all whole, brilliant beings and everything we need to know is already inside of us… we simply need a reminder every now and then.

Sometimes this remembering process happens solely in the body. As the gentle hands-on techniques of CranioSacral remind the cells of their specific life purposes, the client also begins to regain their understanding of who they are and the gifts they came to share. Sometimes the body has messages to bring forth. Utilizing the clients’ voice, we speak with various organs and systems of the body. This blend of CranioSacral and other Somatic Experiencing Techniques has proven invaluable in helping clients come to an understanding of and appreciation for their unique life journey.

This process gently and naturally leads into any change the client may be seeking.

I look forward to witnessing your evolution.


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